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Wendy Zähringer-Hardy

Portrait of Wendy Zähringer-Hardy

The author considers herself first and foremost an artist, though perhaps ‘Lebenskünstlerin’ (another German word for which there is no adequate translation in English) is more precise. As a sensitive kid, dragged screaming and panicking through working class Britain during the sixties and seventies, she attributes her surprisingly good mental health these days to unshakable optimism and several long psychotherapies which, were she living in the UK, would not have been possible.

She lives in Southwest Germany with her Swiss Shepherd dog, Havana, who, it must be said, forces her most days, to confront those residual mental health challenges that endure to this day.

Bernd Goldschmidt

At this point, Bernd feels like an enabler of Wendy’s habit of creating brilliant stuff. Which is a good position to be in: This way he gets to see the magic happen up close.

As he makes his way through life, sometimes skating, sometimes skidding, Bernd becomes increasingly aware that he’s actually quite a good mentor to others. Unfortunately, he is suspended in an interminable struggle to accept the perfectly sound advice he gives others, for himself.

Bernd enjoys books (from non-fiction to fiction to graphic novels to collection of comic strips), movies (almost everything) and video games (currently pouring hundreds of hours into exploring Hyrule).

Three great kids, a wife to match, a quite normal job.

He hasn’t been bored for years.